Project: NCAA football coach contracts

This morning, my colleagues and I at USA TODAY launch part one of a three-day series on NCAA football coaches contracts. The centerpiece is a database analysis by my teammate Jodi Upton, who worked with the sports staff to collect and analyze hundreds of documents. My contribution is the database programming behind our interactive graphic.

Among the key findings, straight from today’s lead story:

— At least 25 college head football coaches are making $2 million or more this season, slightly more than double the number two years ago.

— The average pay for a head coach in the NCAA’s top-level, 120-school Football Bowl Subdivision is up 28% in that time and up 46% in three years, to $1.36 million.

— Our first look at the salaries of assistant coaches finds many approaching and even exceeding presidents’ compensation and most eclipsing that of full professors.

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