Census 2010 State Stories: Week 3

Last week’s Census 2010 redistricting data releases included two of the most populous states — Texas and Illinois — along with Oklahoma and South Dakota. Highlights in stories and apps:

The Chicago Tribune’s news apps team launched an interactive map and print graphic that show a dramatic increase in the city’s downtown population in the last 10 years, even while many of the surrounding neighborhoods lost population. As a Tribune story explained:

Hardest hit were the South and West sides, where thousands of African-Americans abandoned neighborhoods beset by crime, foreclosures, bad schools and economic squalor.

— In Texas, where the state’s population grew nearly 21% in the last decade (giving it four more seats in the House of Representatives), growth was driven by minorities. According to USA TODAY’s story:

Hispanics accounted for 65% of the state’s growth since 2000, while non-Hispanic whites experienced the smallest increase of any group, just 4.2%. The black population grew by 22%.

— The Dallas Morning News had a colorful story about Loving County, Texas, which saw its population grow 22% — to 82.

County Judge Skeet Jones and Sheriff Billy Burt Hopper once sat down at the now-shuttered Boot Track Cafe in Mentone and jotted down everyone they knew in the county.

“Of course, everyone knows everyone here,” Jones said, “and when we were finished, we counted 84 that lay their heads on pillows in Loving County every night.”

To be sure, Hopper did a recount Wednesday, a day before the 2010 numbers came out.

“With the man who left to live with his daughter in North Carolina and the lady who died last week, we have 82 people, the best I can count it,” he said.

The Texas Tribune had a nicely styled interactive map showing Texas population by race and Hispanic origin. Its stories also note population growth was driven by minorities.

— The Oklahoman’s Paul Monies wrote about suburban growth in the state and noted that the number of Hispanics increased 85%. His site’s Census page also includes an interactive map showing Central Oklahoma population changes.

— Finally, our team at USA TODAY launched a series of state profile pages with data tables covering population, race, ethnicity and housing for states, counties and localities. We’ll be updating those as states are released. We’re also updating our interactive map.

And speaking of more states: the coming week will bring eight releases, including Colorado, Nevada and Washington.

Anything Census related you want to highlight? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. […] Finally, a big thanks goes out to Investigative Reporters & Editors and USA Today, who provided some of the population comparisons to the 2000 Census in the data I used. For more on what other papers are doing with their census data, check out Anthony DeBarros’ blog. […]

  2. ryan mcneill says:

    Check out the DMN’s nifty app at http://newsapps.dallasnews.com/census

    Enter an address anywhere in Texas and find out about your neighborhood.

  3. Anthony says:

    Thanks, Ryan. Nice job!

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