Which web browsers do journalists favor?

After I started playing with Internet Explorer 9 tonight — and knowing that most developers, including Microsoft, want to wean the world from IE6 as soon as possible — I grew curious about the browsers favored by my site’s visitors. A quick dig into Google Analytics gave me the data for the last few months, and the Google Charts API let me build a quick pie:

Site visits by browser, November 2010-March 2011

I can’t know for sure, but I suspect that most people who read my site are journalists or developers. Most traffic comes from links I post on Twitter or via search keywords that tend toward journalism, data, math and, lately, the Census.

Generally, you’re not an IE-centric crowd — just 12%. That’s lower than overall metrics, which tend to place Internet Explorer at anywhere from 40% or more of the overall market.

Oh, and the percent using IE6? Less than 0.4%.

2 responses to “Which web browsers do journalists favor?”

  1. Chip Oglesby says:

    I did something very similar to this recently, but geared towards screen resolution on my site. http://bit.ly/e8LYtX You should segment your traffic and take a look at direct traffic versus search traffic and referral traffic.

    Direct traffic will give you a better idea of what your loyal readers are using for their browsers. The same goes for referral traffic.

  2. Anthony says:

    Thanks, Chip. I’ll give that a try and report how it differs from the overall percentages.

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