LearnSQL.com Interview for Practical SQL

The European website LearnSQL.com recently published an interview with me in advance of the upcoming release of the 2nd Edition of Practical SQL. Journalist-turned-programmer/trainer Jakub Romanowski asked questions ranging from what’s new in the 2nd Edition to why the book uses PostgreSQL.

Along the way, I share some of my philosophy about writing, data, and the value of learning SQL.

Here’s an excerpt:

Most SQL books are pretty boring, like a different form of database documentation with some unrealistic examples. You’ve made learning SQL syntax interesting. What’s your secret?

Thanks for saying that! I write from the perspective of a teacher in a classroom. How would I keep a group of students engaged each week for a whole semester? To me, the answer is to have the book focus on real-life data analysis, with the joy of discovery and sometimes the pain of messy data getting in the way. So, I use real data and try to help readers discover insights about the data while they’re learning. And, as I’m sure you know, data can sometimes be lacking in terms of quality. We learn about that too, and how to deal with it. That’s very real.

You can read the full interview here. For more on Practical SQL, please visit practicalsql.com.

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