About Me

Hi, I’m Anthony DeBarros. Thanks for stopping in!

I work in Washington, D.C., for The Wall Street Journal, where I’m a data editor focusing on international trade, the economy, demographics and other topics. Please check out my stories.

I’ve also written a book, Practical SQL: A Beginner’s Guide to Storytelling with Data, published in 2018 by No Starch Press. 

In previous roles, I’ve been a director of product, a content strategist, a manager of teams, a reporter, a teacher and, in the distant past, a DJ on a rock radio station. I spent more than two decades with the Gannett Company at USA TODAY, Gannett Digital and the Poughkeepsie Journal. I also worked for Investigative Reporters and Editors on its DocumentCloud platform and for the B2B publisher Questex. I’ve been fortunate to have a hand in helping teams win some journalism awards.

I’m a longtime member of IRE and speaker and trainer at its conferences. And I’m the author of pneumatic, a Python library for bulk-uploading to DocumentCloud.

About this site

This site is mainly related to my professional life and activities.

The blog is less active than it used to be. Nevertheless, please take a tour of some “greatest hits,” including how to install Python on Windows. You’ll also find posts that range from writing tips for journalists to considerations for fashioning user experience.

Any opinions do not reflect the opinions of employers past or present.

The design is a modded WordPress theme forked from LESS. Body font is PT Serif and post headlines are Fira Sans, both from Google Web Fonts.

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