The New York Times: Nonfiction Bestsellers

The top 15 "Combined Print and E-Book Nonfiction" titles for 05/27/2023, fetched from The New York Times Books API.

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  • 1 (2). KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON, David Grann (Doubleday)
    The story of a murder spree in 1920s Oklahoma that targeted Osage Indians, whose lands contained oil.
  • 2 (1). THE WAGER, David Grann (Doubleday)
    The survivors of a shipwrecked British vessel on a secret mission during an imperial war with Spain have different accounts of events.
  • 3 (5). OUTLIVE, Peter Attia with Bill Gifford (Harmony)
    A look at recent scientific research on aging and longevity.
  • 4 (3). THE BODY KEEPS THE SCORE, Bessel van der Kolk (Penguin)
    How trauma affects the body and mind, and innovative treatments for recovery.
  • 5 (-). THE BOOK OF CHARLIE, David Von Drehle (Simon & Schuster)
    The Washington Post columnist shares stories and wisdom he learned from a neighbor who was more than a century old.
  • 6 (9). I'M GLAD MY MOM DIED, Jennette McCurdy (Simon & Schuster)
    The actress and filmmaker describes her eating disorders and difficult relationship with her mother.
  • 7 (4). SPARE, Prince Harry (Random House)
    The Duke of Sussex details his struggles with the royal family, loss of his mother, service in the British Army and marriage to Meghan Markle.
  • 8 (11). CRYING IN H MART, Michelle Zauner (Vintage)
    The daughter of a Korean mother and Jewish American father, and leader of the indie rock project Japanese Breakfast, describes creating her own identity after losing her mother to cancer.
  • 9 (6). THE DADDY DIARIES, Andy Cohen (Holt)
    The host and executive producer of “Watch What Happens Live” juggles fatherhood and his career.
  • 10 (-). ON OUR BEST BEHAVIOR, Elise Loehnen (Dial)
    An examination of the seven deadly sins and their influence over the lives of women today.
  • 11 (-). THE ESCAPE ARTIST, Jonathan Freedland (Harper)
    Rudolf Vrba, who became one of the first Jews to escape from Auschwitz, warned others about the death camp.
  • 12 (10). THE LIGHT WE CARRY, Michelle Obama (Crown)
    The former first lady shares personal stories and the tools she uses to deal with difficult situations.
  • 13 (-). RAW DOG, Jamie Loftus (Forge)
    The comedian and Emmy-nominated TV writer explains the cultural and culinary significance of hot dogs.
  • 14 (15). BRAIDING SWEETGRASS, Robin Wall Kimmerer (Milkweed Editions)
    A botanist and member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation espouses having an understanding and appreciation of plants and animals.
  • 15 (-). ALL ABOUT LOVE, bell hooks (Morrow)
    The late feminist icon explores the causes of a polarized society and the meaning of love.