I write a lot of code for work, but when I have time I like to experiment for fun. This site is a tech sandbox of sorts where I try out ideas or codify what I've learned so I can reference it later. Some of the projects:

This Site itself is a long-term hobby project built using the Django web framework. The code for the main site and the sub-apps is on GitHub.

U.S. Presidents' Speeches to Congress
Search nearly 90 speeches delivered by U.S. presidents to Congress—mostly State of the Union addresses but a few others too. The app uses PostgreSQL's full-text search engine, Bootstrap and django-crispy-forms to search speeches and display results.

Words on Art
A simple collection of quotes by writers, musicians and artists. It's a Django app that tries for a minimalist art-installation take on a blog platform.

Data Miscellany
Grab bag of data-technique tryouts. Visualizing U.S. births using Datawrapper. Fetching best-selling books from a data API.